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Arthur Tarani

Founder & CEO

Arthur had the vision to build and brand the Axis computer, enter the PC market, and eventually introduce to New England its first Managed Services Provider (MSP) shortly after his tenure as the Director of Quality Assurance at Prime Computer. Utilizing several years of corporate experience and having a deep understanding of the information technology industry, Arthur began to build his company, Axis Microsystems, by offering consumers and small business owners Axis computers and unique IT services guaranteed to enhance end-user satisfaction and productivity. Almost 30 years later, his company, now called IT4, delivers cutting edge technology built on the same premise of guaranteeing end-user satisfaction and continues to service many of its initial clients. Working as the CFO, Arthur oversees all company financial planning and resources. He is directly involved with daily retail operations emphasizing quality assurance and competitive pricing with all client hardware purchases and is responsible for division strategy and the growth of ForensicPC, the company's on-line forensic hardware superstore. In his spare time, Arthur teaches a mixed martial-arts program that he developed and has mastered over 20 years. He works with law enforcement personnel, has trained both amateur and professional fighters, and works with individuals who desire to become their best both physically and mentally.


Alex Tarani


Alex joined IT4 in 2007. After working 2 years in account management and new business development, he became more engaged with managed services, virtual server technology, WISP management, cloud services, and network security. In 2012 he was presented with the opportunity to run the company. As IT4 President and co-owner, Alex now oversees daily operations. With over 30 years of business management experience, Alex believes to survive in this highly competitive industry, an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) must demonstrate every day that it is has your back and is doing everything possible to prevent any loss of productivity or company data. "Keeping IT4 managed end-users as productive as possible and keeping their company data safe and free from any unwanted intrusion is our single, most important, task." "Even in the occurrence when an end-user unknowingly introduces an infection to the network, having the client back up and running in little to no time, with no loss of data, separates great IT service providers from the rest of the pack." Before joining IT4, Alex spent many years in the optical industry. He will tell you, “The eyeglass and contact lens business was much easier when it came to preventing and treating infections.” Alex is married, lives in Stoneham Massachusetts and has two children and two grandchildren. His interests include song writing, golf and traveling with his family.


Gina Tarani

Director of Operations

Gina joined IT4 in March 2000 after spending 12 years working directly for the President of Cross Country Motor Club. Gina's background in customer service, human resources, corporate finance and licensing, and administration duties coupled with her B.B.A. provided the perfect edge required to engage with IT4's day to day operations. Working as the IT4 Director of Operations she has a leadership role in just about everything that happens behind the scenes including finances, accounting, contract fulfillment and human resources. Gina also sits on the Board of Directors of IT4 and is the owner of the ForensicPC, Inc. a division of IT4. In Gina's spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.


Grace Tarani

Administrative Assistant

Grace joined IT4 in 2004. Her administrative responsibilities include accounts payable/accounts receivable, payroll, and supporting Forensic PC. Her beautiful parochial school handwriting is easily identified on all mailed handwritten statement envelopes.  Prior to joining IT4, Grace worked at Cross Country Motor Club for 12 years.  A life long resident of Medford, Massachusetts, Grace is the mother of 7 children, including IT4 business owners Arthur and Alex Tarani and IT4 Director of Operations, Gina Tarani. When Grace is not working she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and traveling to Aruba, Las Vegas, California and the State of Connecticut.


Mike Bickford

Senior Field Engineer

A graduate of Northeastern and Clark University, Mike Bickford joined IT4 in 1997 when the company was building and selling computer hardware under the name of Axis Microsystems. Holding degrees in both electronic engineering and computer science, Mike was instrumental in introducing network management and on-site support to the business model. Currently, Mike is the IT4 Senior Field Engineer who is   responsible for client network infrastructure, security and cloud and virtual network implementation. With over 20 years of experience and work history  at IT4, Mike has earned the reputation as the "go to guy". When Mike is not busy at work, he enjoys music, cars, and flying helicopters.  Mike played keyboards and percussion in a professional band for 7 years and retired from that industry in 2007 after his last concert at Mohegan Sun.


Chris Scovil

Systems Engineer and Client Support Specialist

Chris has always had a love for computers starting in his youth with the Commodore 64. He ran a dial-up BBS (Bulletin Board System) as a hobby and was an award winning member of VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) for computer programming at a very early age. In 1997 Chris was employed by IT4 to work as a bench technician building home and office workstations. In the interim, he continued to further his education and worked in various IT roles that included, systems administration, network security, firewall management and teaching computer literacy to children, the elderly, and to low-income families. Before Chris left IT4 in 2002, to start up his own company, he was working as a Field Services Engineer. Chris rejoined IT4 in 2012 and currently manages all remote and helpdesk client services for IT4.   Chris greatly enjoys working in the information technology industry, interacting with clients in person and on the phone, and solving complex problems.  Other than computers and tinkering with technology Chris is an avid gamer, reader, fiction writer, and social networker.


Kenney DeSouza

IT4 Project Manager

A Computer Networking graduate, Kenney is a vital component to the IT4 engineering team.  His training and experience with the latest Microsoft software and virtual technology has allowed him to shift seamlessly from school work to real business environments and offer clients more choices.  For the past 3 years, Kenney has provided on-site client support, has assisted with help desk tasks, and has managed several major projects.  His career goal at IT4 is to assure all clients are very satisfied with their service and always kept aware of any technological changes and updates that will benefit their businesses.  He has been utilizing his skills to move  all clients forward with their IT infrastructure and network security.  Kenney is currently continuing his education through Microsoft, completing certifications in various areas of IT.  Kenney also develops IT4 marketing materials. During off hours Kenney is the leader of his church's youth band and plays the keyboard. He also enjoys graphic designing.

Gabriel Urbina

Customer Support Specialist

Bio coming soon.