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 Your Cloud Computing Questions Answered And More 

Here at IT4 we receive many inquiries about the pros and cons of cloud computing.  Is it safe?  Will moving my  network to the cloud  improve end-user productivity?  What are the costs involved? Will I save money?  Will all of my business applications work? Do I still need backup? Can I work from home? What happens if the internet goes down? These are just a few of the questions we receive from business owners every day.

Armed with over 25 years of experience we understand that every business is unique, especially when it comes to information technology. Not all business environments are a fit for cloud technology however, most are. If you are  planning for a network/server hardware upgrade or any IT related capital expenditure, this is the perfect time to learn if moving your business to the “cloud” is a better, more cost effective approach than investing in more hardware, licensing, and maintenance. 

Your first step is to contact IT4 to schedule an appointment with an engineer who will conduct-at no cost-a 45 minute on-site assessment of your current network infrastructure. During this visit,  questions you may have about cloud computing or even your existing technology can be addressed.  The visiting engineer will provide a clear understanding of cloud computing and will recommend the best solution to meet the needs and demands of your organization.

 At IT4 we provide consulting, support, and services for both cloud and in-house server room environments.  That allows us to always recommend solutions that are only in your best interest.  A “one size fits all” approach is simply not in our play book.

Our goal is to meet with you, learn about your immediate and future IT needs and provide you with enough information to help you make the right choices for your company.  Our gift to you for your time is the invaluable information you will receive and a 7″ touch screen tablet!