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Cloud Services

Want to immediately reduce the cost of having on-premise server hardware? Cloud Computing allows any number of end-users to access their internal company network via the internet at any time and from any device. Cloud technology eliminates the need and expense for on-site server hardware, licensing, upgrades and maintenance.  This approach can greatly reduce annual IT costs and guarantees 100% uptime. IT4 offers “SecureCloud”  a true utility-based computing model that allows businesses to leverage all of their Information Technology assets into a single operating cost rather than a myriad of complex capital expenses.  By accessing resources in a “grid” (or “cloud”) much in the same way electricity is delivered, you now have access to all of your resources including:

  • Email
  • File Storage
  • Applications
  • Desktops
  • and More

IT4 will provide everything needed to move your business to the “cloud” turning your computing resources into a single, reliable service at an affordable cost!  Please contact for a free consultation and network assessment.


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Help Desk & Monitoring

Have an emergency and can’t afford to wait around all day for assistance?  The IT4 Help Desk is available 24x7x365 to assist you.  Our “hallmark” is our ability to provide immediate, professional help desk support to any end-user who may be struggling with a computing issue that needs to be remedied as quickly as possible and correctly the 1st time. Can’t work due to malware, spyware or speed issues? Still struggling with the same computer problem that no one can resolve?  Contact the experts at the IT4 Helpdesk now!  Call 781-995-0490. Your 1st hour of service is FREE!

Proper management of an IT infrastructure always begins with proper monitoring and analysis of the current environment.  Not only can this provide key indicators of failure BEFORE they happen, but extensive analysis from monitoring can help you plan for your technology far ahead of time, allowing insight into key factors such as server performance, disk space, memory utilization, and much more.

Whether your business functions around the clock or just during certain hours, monitoring is a critical aspect to the prevention of downtime. Through our real-time monitoring and support solutions, we can catch small problems before they progress to larger ones and take corrective actions immediately, so you always come into a working environment.


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IT Management

The traditional “hourly consulting” model results in unpredictable down-time, unexpected service fees, and loss of staff productivity. Our managed service offerings are designed to help you budget for IT services while minimizing productivity loss, saving you both time and money.

1. Do you need an immediate solution when problems arise?  Have you waited hours or days to have an IT issue resolved?

2. Do you value the security of your data and want to do everything possible to prevent loss, corruption or theft?  Do you wonder what would happen if your server crashed or was destroyed in a disaster?  Could you lose business without having access to your data when needed?

3. Do you want to maximize the speed, availability and performance of your entire computer network?

4. Do you dislike or avoid dealing with or thinking about computer hardware and software problems? Are you tired of paying to have the same IT issue(s) addressed over and over again only to learn that you now need to buy more hardware, more licensing or different software?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, IT4 has a business specific managed services offering that will help leverage your technology to make your business more effective, efficient , and profitable. We guarantee your employees will thank you.

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Many businesses are lured into the safety mindset that simply installing antivirus and a firewall will prevent security threats.  The truth is proper network security involves far more than a simple solution.  It is an ongoing process that must be constantly addressed and redefined.  Threats are constantly emerging from both the inside and outside of your network.  Many manifest themselves in spyware, viruses, and more recent, ransonware that can compromise your data and entire network bringing end-user productivity to a stop.

You may be an unknowing participant in sending out spam or releasing confidential client information including credit card and medical information.  Many network security issues  come from within an organization by means of improper use of the internet, lack of email and hardware security measures, improper storage of records and disgruntle employees.   The only prevention is to mitigate these risks with a written information security plan or WISP. This is the perfect place to start and all Massachusetts businesses, that handle or store any personal information, are required by law to have a WISP in force. (201 CMR 17.00)

IT4 has developed a managed security offering to directly address all of these concerns. We offer new generation anti-virus, email encryption, enterprise class firewalls, end-user training for the protection of personal information and can even help you develop, write and maintain a WISP that complies with 201 CMR 17.00.


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IP/VoIP Phone Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP, is telephone service that operates via a high-speed Internet connection. VoIP allows you to make telephone calls through the Internet, instead of through telephone lines like traditional telephone service.   VoIP users agree that there are many benefits using VoIP phone systems  that include:

Cost savings: may possibly be the greatest benefit of using VoIP technology. Because VoIP operates via your Internet connection, it does not require the service and payment for a standard telephone line.

Voice clarity: is yet another benefit of VoIP service. VoIP technology converts analog voice signals into digital data packets in real-time, enhancing the clarity of the two-way voice transmission. Therefore, VoIP voice clarity is as good as or better than that of the standard telephone line and most phones are available with “high definition” technology.

Features: many of the cost savings associated with VoIP can be found in features. Traditional phone companies often charge extra for call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, 800 service,  and caller ID. On the other hand, with VoIP service these features are all included. In addition,  faxes can be sent directly to your email address and missed calls show up as emails.

Portability: Another benefit of VoIP service is its portability. VoIP is tied to an IP phone and not a location like standard telephone lines; therefore, whether you use a VoIP hard-phone or a regular phone with a VoIP adapter, VoIP allows you to make calls from any location where there is an high-speed Internet connection available. You can essentially “carry” your telephone service wherever you go.

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On-Site Technical Assistance

As companies grow they often bring on full and part-time IT personnel to fill roles in helpdesk, support, and maintenance. Usually, these employees require certain days off, vacation time and in some cases may need extended personal time off due to a health or other issue. What happens when your “go to” IT person is out for a week or longer?  Who takes care of daily IT issues?  IT4 can provide you with an on site or on-call engineer at the fraction of the cost of  having another employee to assist during these situations. You may also want to consider having IT4 to work for your IT manager or become a part of your IT team. Whatever the situation at your place of business is, IT4 can assist and provide crucial skill sets when needed most.

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Backup and Business Continuity

Backup is no longer just about ensuring that you are protected in the event of a lost document or server failure. Today, data backup  has migrated past disaster recovery and has become full business continuity. How soon could you be 100% up and running if your business environment experiences a flood,  fire or other catastrophe?  How soon can you return back to “business as usual”  if all of your customer/client information is lost or destroyed? Do you worry about these things that can and have caused businesses to fail? IT4′s unique business continuity solution offers the protection of both local and off-site backup, the convenience of not having to worry about tapes or software, and the ability to provide true business continuity with little, if any, downtime in the event of a disaster and, is very affordable.





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Project Planning and Management

IT4 maintains a team of experienced engineers and a Project Manager who will assist you with any IT project you have in mind.   Our goals are all results oriented – keeping the project on time, within budget, and meeting (and exceeding) expectations.  We take a three-tiered approach to all projects, both large and small:

  • Planning.  This is often the most critical and overlooked stage.  Proper planning involves defining the business goals and objectives of the project and determines both preliminary budget and timelines for execution.
  • Analysis.  During the analysis stage we gather all necessary information, involve all parties, assess the current and future IT infrastructure, and finalize timeline and budget.
  • Execution.  Completing the project implementation, testing, and ensuring that all requirements and goals have been exceeded.  This may include necessary conversion, training, and future planning.
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